What Motivates You? The Value of Social Media as a Millennial

According to one of the speakers at the conference, Jenny Schmitt, knowing the differences in the generations “affects nearly everything – what motivates you, what you value.”

Convincing someone in a different generation that social media can be effective to their business, if properly employed, is not always an easy task, and sometimes takes more than a little convincing.  Older people especially, need proof.  Cold, hard facts, figures, numbers, and even then they’re not guaranteed to be swayed towards accepting social media after doing things “their way” for such a long time.

First, providing statistics is a great way to win anyone over.  You can’t argue with a method that is backed up with proven success.  It may not be the most traditional, or even the easiest way of doing things, but social media is NOW, and currently, it’s really the only way to reach the up and coming generation.

When trying to convince someone of a different generation that social media really is the way to go, ask them to also define their target audience.  Most of the time, businesses aim to target at least a few different age groups, and most all rely on social media today.  Unless their target audience SOLELY the older population, social media is a must.  And even then, many people of older generations have hopped on the technology train and use it frequently.

While it may not be an easy feat, convincing business owners to utilize social media is a MUST for current, and future success!


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90s Throwback–Boy Meets World

If I could bring back one television show from the 90s when I was growing up, I’d have to choose Boy Meets World, without a doubt, though there may be some other honorable mentions that could make the top of the list.  Boy Meets World is a classic, and cannot be surpassed in my book.

Boy Meets World aired in 1993 when I was three years old and living abroad, so needless to say I wasn’t a fan at the point.  I probably didn’t really pick up on the show until around 1999, right before the show produced its final season.  But oh boy were there re-runs.  While I haven’t seen all 158 episodes, I’ve seen a large majority of them through re-runs throughout the years and it quickly became one of my favorite childhood shows.  In late elementary and middle school, I devotedly watched the high school characters in admiration and almost looked up to them in a way learning many “life lessons” through the shows and the trials the cast was faced with in each episode.

I’d bring this show back because I think it could still be a hit.  The younger generation has not had the pleasure of watching the show, and the plots and focuses of the episodes were very real-life and relate-able to tweens and teens everywhere.  Yes, the show definitely looks like it was produced in the 90s, but it’s a classic, and could be a hit all over again.  Just play it right around the time school lets out, and I guarantee it’ll be a beloved favorite.

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Advantages of Social Media

When representing a client or helping them to build their name and image, it is very important to consider social media as part of their PR campaign.  Companies on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc. are so much more connected to the world, their followers, and ultimately their clients or customers than other companies that choose not to participate in social networking via social media.  The people are there (on the social networking sites) so why not go where they already are?  It is so easy to reach people via social media, and it is a tool that many do not utilize for some reason or another.

Many private companies or ones run by an older generation are either afraid or, or ignorant to, these new technologies that are so readily available.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter make it easy to reach millions of people with single posts, and also provide the ability for interaction and virtual sharing.  These sites are all easily ran, and I would stress the importance to my client of at least having an online presence, even if they’re not social media gurus.  Much of the younger generation, who has now become the younger tier of most company’s target audience, relies solely on social media for information, networking, and connections.  Companies that do not have this online presence automatically lose this population and put themselves at a disadvantage.

Nowadays, nearly everything is done online for convenience and financial sakes.  Social media is free…why not use a FREE tool that will help promote your business and create loyal customers?

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What I Know Now

Ohh Freshman year.  It was actually my favorite even though adjusting to college was definitely stressful at times.  I lived in the dorms and made some of my best friends that I still have today.  I had a different major, pulled many all-nighters, and frequently had emotional breakdowns.  I made lots of memories and even more friends, and it was definitely an overall positive experience.

If I could go back and give myself some advice, I would have a lot to say to 18-year-old me.

1. BREAK UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND.  He’s definitely only bringing you down and keeping you from enjoying your first year away from home.  You’ll end up breaking up at the end of your first year anyway, so just do it now.

2. NURSING IS NOT THE MAJOR FOR YOU.  You won’t be able to pass anatomy, you’ll spend the next 2 years trying to get your GPA back up, and you’ll spend so many unnecessary nights stressing out and not sleeping.  Go ahead and change to PR, I have a feeling that will work out for you 😉

3. Take that extra class so that you can complete a minor in journalism that you didn’t even know you were so close to getting.

4. Take these teachers as often as you can: *******, ******, ******, and *****

5. DO NOT TAKE ****** or *******.  They will make your life hell.

6. Don’t take that job at the bar you’re about to be offered.  It’s not fun and you never sleep.  Pick something with better hours and fewer drunk people.

I have so many more things I would tell myself.  It’s not that I regret anything necessarily, but there are so many different and better paths I could have taken that would have left me in a healthier state of mind.  But that’s one of the fun parts about life–not knowing what’s ahead.

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