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Class of 2012

May 1, 2012

It’s officially May–the month of graduation 🙂  This semester has had a few lows, but mostly highs.  I took 18 hours, completed my PR internship, and held a part time job.  So things got busy, but it wasn’t too stressful, and what do you know?  I made it.

The social media class was a great course on something I hadn’t explored nearly enough. I’m a PR major, but before Mrs. Groover, I didn’t use Twitter, definitely didn’t blog, and really didn’t have as good of a grip on social media and all its uses before this course.  This class really didn’t have any lows–besides my randomly assigned sucky client, Comcast.  I don’t know that I would change anything about the course, but maybe I’d implement a few more strategies.  I never really figured out how to use Google+, and Google alerts were something I discovered a little ways into the semester.

I have learned how to appropriately tweet (somewhat 😉 I now know about social monitoring and Google alerts and what a terrible company Comcast is when it comes to customer relations, and I learned more about social media in the PR world in general.

And sadly, I am graduating, and I have a job, but I am not sure what I will take from this class to my job, because I still really don’t know what my job is.  (haha)  I have the job title, the description, and the assurance of my employer that I’ll figure it out and fit in soon, but until then, I really don’t know whether or not I’ll be implementing social media in my position. 😉