What Motivates You? The Value of Social Media as a Millennial

According to one of the speakers at the conference, Jenny Schmitt, knowing the differences in the generations “affects nearly everything – what motivates you, what you value.”

Convincing someone in a different generation that social media can be effective to their business, if properly employed, is not always an easy task, and sometimes takes more than a little convincing.  Older people especially, need proof.  Cold, hard facts, figures, numbers, and even then they’re not guaranteed to be swayed towards accepting social media after doing things “their way” for such a long time.

First, providing statistics is a great way to win anyone over.  You can’t argue with a method that is backed up with proven success.  It may not be the most traditional, or even the easiest way of doing things, but social media is NOW, and currently, it’s really the only way to reach the up and coming generation.

When trying to convince someone of a different generation that social media really is the way to go, ask them to also define their target audience.  Most of the time, businesses aim to target at least a few different age groups, and most all rely on social media today.  Unless their target audience SOLELY the older population, social media is a must.  And even then, many people of older generations have hopped on the technology train and use it frequently.

While it may not be an easy feat, convincing business owners to utilize social media is a MUST for current, and future success!


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  1. marleymizell
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 00:09:31

    You’re right about asking them to define their target audience. I feel like a lot of companies who do not use social media has an older target audience, but with social media becoming bigger by the year, they might need to turn to it.


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