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Sports–something I know nothing about.

Oh goodness, SPORTS–something I know NOTHING about.  So the 2012 baseball season started recently, and I can’t say I’m a fan.  I’m not not a fan, I just really don’t care for sports in general, unless I’m actually physically going to a Braves game or something.  I don’t follow any sport and I definitely don’t watch them on TV.

If I worked for the public relations team at one of the 20 major league teams, I would definitely have a few suggestions to entice people to come to games.
GROUP RATES are great.  I, not a sport fan, love going to games with friends.  The environment is great, they’re fun to watch, and the atmosphere can’t be mimicked.  So if someone like me can be sold on something I’m completely unpassionate about, that says something.  Encourage groups of people to go.  Friends, high schools, church groups, families, etc.  It’s a great “day-out” and relatively inexpensive.
GIVEAWAYS are always nice, but I don’t think they’re what GET people to the games.  You have to have a reason to want to go to a baseball game, so that’s where the convincing lies.
If the team is doing well, your work is practically done for you.  Ticket prices can rise, the weather can be terrible, but people will still show up to support a winning team.
Losing teams, however, have a harder time attracting fans.  This is were discounts, games, and prizes come into play.  Make it an experience to go.  So that even if the team does lose, it’s a fun day, and the event itself is a good time.

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Where in the World?

Oh wow, if I had the resources and the time, there are so many places I’d go–and I fully intend on visiting all of these places sometime within my lifetime.

1. Egypt–I am going to see the pyramids (especially Giza), and the Sphinx, and ride on a camel while I’m there.  I feel like it’s an entirely different world, and I am all about new places and new experiences.

2. Africa–I don’t know where in Africa, but somewhere on a safari.  I have a mild obsession with elephants, so of course that’s up there on my to-do list 🙂  And again, it’s such a different place than anywhere I’ve ever been.

3. Northern Lights–I don’t know where you go to see these, but they’re always something I’ve wanted to see, and I really hope to experience them one day.

4. Great Wall of China–for obvious reasons.  History galore not to mention the wow factor there.


I’ve already been to all the “beachy” places, and I’m kind of over that.  Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Grand Caymens, Mexico…been there.  Done that.  I’m ready to experience other cultures and meet different people from across the world.  I’ve also already done the Europe thing–and I’d strongly recommend visiting a few countries over there if you have the chance.  And while there is so much neat history there, it’s still all too familiar.  Many of the countries are run similarly, have similar life-styles, and just don’t have that “out of this world” element I’m looking for in my future travels. 🙂

I think I want to go to all continents at some point, just to experience all the different parts of the world.  I love different cultures, customs, and countries, and there are so many places in the world that are probably indescribable unless you’ve been there.


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What Motivates You? The Value of Social Media as a Millennial

According to one of the speakers at the conference, Jenny Schmitt, knowing the differences in the generations “affects nearly everything – what motivates you, what you value.”

Convincing someone in a different generation that social media can be effective to their business, if properly employed, is not always an easy task, and sometimes takes more than a little convincing.  Older people especially, need proof.  Cold, hard facts, figures, numbers, and even then they’re not guaranteed to be swayed towards accepting social media after doing things “their way” for such a long time.

First, providing statistics is a great way to win anyone over.  You can’t argue with a method that is backed up with proven success.  It may not be the most traditional, or even the easiest way of doing things, but social media is NOW, and currently, it’s really the only way to reach the up and coming generation.

When trying to convince someone of a different generation that social media really is the way to go, ask them to also define their target audience.  Most of the time, businesses aim to target at least a few different age groups, and most all rely on social media today.  Unless their target audience SOLELY the older population, social media is a must.  And even then, many people of older generations have hopped on the technology train and use it frequently.

While it may not be an easy feat, convincing business owners to utilize social media is a MUST for current, and future success!

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