What I Know Now

Ohh Freshman year.  It was actually my favorite even though adjusting to college was definitely stressful at times.  I lived in the dorms and made some of my best friends that I still have today.  I had a different major, pulled many all-nighters, and frequently had emotional breakdowns.  I made lots of memories and even more friends, and it was definitely an overall positive experience.

If I could go back and give myself some advice, I would have a lot to say to 18-year-old me.

1. BREAK UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND.  He’s definitely only bringing you down and keeping you from enjoying your first year away from home.  You’ll end up breaking up at the end of your first year anyway, so just do it now.

2. NURSING IS NOT THE MAJOR FOR YOU.  You won’t be able to pass anatomy, you’ll spend the next 2 years trying to get your GPA back up, and you’ll spend so many unnecessary nights stressing out and not sleeping.  Go ahead and change to PR, I have a feeling that will work out for you 😉

3. Take that extra class so that you can complete a minor in journalism that you didn’t even know you were so close to getting.

4. Take these teachers as often as you can: *******, ******, ******, and *****

5. DO NOT TAKE ****** or *******.  They will make your life hell.

6. Don’t take that job at the bar you’re about to be offered.  It’s not fun and you never sleep.  Pick something with better hours and fewer drunk people.

I have so many more things I would tell myself.  It’s not that I regret anything necessarily, but there are so many different and better paths I could have taken that would have left me in a healthier state of mind.  But that’s one of the fun parts about life–not knowing what’s ahead.


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