Social Media’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Media.  There are very obvious pros and cons to this trend that has taken over our society.  Of course the pros are probably easier to list.  Social media helps us to network with and connect to people.  We can more easily get in touch with employers, co-workers,  family members, friends, and many others.  Jobs, family, and friends that are far away are now easily accessible, and communicating and keeping in touch is easier than ever.

Social media also has helped many businesses that have chosen to hop on the SM train.  Businesses and companies can literally reach anyone around the globe–all because of the impact social media has had on the world’s market.  Advertisements, special offers, incentives, etc. are all so easily accessible and are sent to millions of people via the internet and social networking sites.  Things like press releases, breaking news, and other time sensitive materials have also boomed with the rise of social media.  One person grabs ahold of something, and within minutes, the media can go viral–reaching millions of viewers in a matter of minutes–not hours or days.

The disadvantages of social media aren’t always as obvious, but they’re there.  Social media is less personal.  All of a sudden everyone is so into social networking, that they’re not actually networking in person anymore.

Social media and social networking are also very timely.  Running a Twitter, Facebook, blog, or anything else for a company can be a full time job, and once something is online, it is not easy to retract it.  Oh, and remember that time you were 15 and hated the world and ran a blog to tell everyone about it?  It’s online, and your new employer read through a few of your posts.

All in all, social media has definitely had a more positive impact than negative one, but the disadvantages are still there.  Social media has helped our businesses, companies, and personal lives so much; it’d be hard to ever go back to the way things were.


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  1. Lauren Stevens
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 01:18:49

    It may be hard to go back now since we have come this far but I wish we would. I recently went to a restaurant with my family where it was such an elegant place that there was a fixed rate per person of $50. Even the people at one of the nicest restaurants in Atlanta, when I looked around every table I could see had at least one person looking at their phone or had it placed on the table right next to their plate. There really is no place off limits to social media anymore.


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