Dream Job

Let’s see…my dream job?  Something that pays well that I enjoy doing.  I don’t really have anything specific just yet.  (Though maybe I should, considering I’m graduating in 72 days!!)  I really enjoy event planning–but that’s a high-stress job that I couldn’t do for the rest of my life.  It would be a lot of fun until I had kids or something else that took over my life.

Realistically, I think I would really like to work with companies’ images.  Whether it be their social media platforms, their brand, or how people view them, increasing a company’s positive image is rewarding and self-satisfying and helps both you and the company.  So I know that incorporates a ton of job possibilities–but that’s good because that increases the chances of my actually enjoying my job. 😉  I feel like I could run a company’s Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking site.  I could also create publications or fix websites, etc.  I love to de-clutter and create new and fresh images.  I think I would be great to go into a smaller company that is looking to revamp their image and completely take over and give them something new to work with.  (Soo kind of like a campaign that they can choose to implement if they like it, I guess?)

Honestly, I could do about anything.  I am a fast learner and a very hard worker, so that’s probably what sets me apart from others.  I am looking to go back to school next year, so that’s why I’m not too stressed about finding my “dream job” just yet!


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  1. Julianna Rabeler
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 04:44:07

    The fact that you work hard will set you apart from so many others competing for the same job. Your resume gets you in the door, but your personality and willingness to put in the effort is what keeps you there. It’s good that you have endless possibilities because it means that you’re not selling yourself short, and you can continue to be inspired by the world around you.


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  3. marleymizell
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 03:21:30

    I can’t believe we graduate in 71 days!! ahhhh!!!!!!!!!


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  5. christina890
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 04:23:45

    You’re definitely right about your personality getting you the job. I think that is definitely one of the most important parts, especially in getting your dream job.


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