Book, Movie, or Both?

I LOVE to read.  Now that I’m in college, I really haven’t had the time I did in high school, so I’m not the avid reader I used to be.  If given the opportunity though, I would love to read a book before I see the movie.  Books are so much better and go into such detail, that you can really imagine yourself there and become immersed in it.  Books make me feel things.  Movies are more just for hourly entertainment.

My favorite book to movie adaptation is definitely Harry Potter.  I started the books in 5th grade, and every time a new book came out, I would get it the day of the release and stay up doing nothing else but reading until I had finished the entire book.  Of course the movies didn’t come for a few years later, so I had anxiously been waiting for them to come out, and they definitely did not disappoint me.

Movie adaptations are usually pretty good.  Most of the time they’re not detailed enough, but they hit the most important parts.  The only frustrating thing is having a picture of what someone looks like, then the director casts someone that doesn’t fit the part one bit.

Now that I’m in college, I don’t read any of the books to the movies (like Twilight–Sorry Mrs. Groover!)  I don’t have the time in my crazy busy life.  Ideally, if I have the time, I’m a reader.  But now that class, work, and internships have taken over, I’m a total movie-goer.


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