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Pinterest definitely creates value for the PR field, PR professionals, and their clients.  It’s a free tool open to anyone, and it is quickly attracting all types of people with varying interests.  Social media platforms, especially ones as popular as Pinterest are a necessity for PR professionals to utilize for themselves and their clients.  It’s free publicity…and good publicity at that.  What else could you ask for?

Unfortunately, I do think Pinterest is a fad.  And like all other fads, it will eventually die out.  It’s hot now though, and that’s all that matters from a PR perspective.  People need to jump on it now, and who knows?  It could be around for a while before the next new thing comes out.

I have a Pinterest account but do not often repin items.  I just “officially” made an account and probably have not started using it like I know I will eventually.  I don’t want to become too addicted, because I have lots of important things going on in my life and I do not have hours to devote to the internet and sites like Pinterest.  But when needed, the site is very useful for so many reasons.

I would highly recommend Pinterest to co-workers, friends, family, etc.  It is a great social media tool and is also very useful for everyday needs and entertainment.  I use it to look up recipes, design ideas, arts and crafts, home decor, etc.  The unique thing about the site is that everyone can find something of interest and mold their virtual bulletin board to their likes and tastes.

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The holiday no one TRULY looks forward to…

Ohhh, Valentine’s Day.  Let me just start out by saying that I am NOT a “single, bitter, man-hater” in the least.  I am in a great relationship with someone I care about a lot.  That being said, let’s be real.  Valentine’s Day is totalBS.  Period.  It’s the biggest holiday scam there ever was.  Not to mention it typically ends with someone having unmet expectations, and someone else out a few hundred bucks.  Who wins there?  No one.

Valentine’s Day also comes with some of the most ridiculous gifts.  It drives me CRAZY to walk through Walmart and see the life-size bears and stuffed animals.  I’m sorry, but they are horrendous and impractical.  If you’re the kind of guy who thinks I want that in my room, you’re wrong, and you’re probably not my type.  Is is mean to say that I don’t like the type of girls that are into that?  And I definitely don’t like the guys that think that’s a good gift.  Save yourself the time, money, and embarrassment, and do not buy a giant stuffed-anything.

Good gifts are gifts that could be given year round.  Something that is thoughtful and not last-minute.  Here are some examples of what you should or shouldn’t do if you’re having a hard time differentiating.

Good Gift: Anything thoughtful.  If you know this person so well, you know what (if anything) they’re expecting.  A romantic dinner?  A piece of jewelry?  A home-cooked meal and movie in?  A night out downtown?  I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Bad Gift: A box of chocolate, a teddy bear, and a card.  Oh thanks, did you run by Walgreens before coming to pick me up?  It shows.

I have definitely received my fair-share of horrible gifts.  And depending on how well you do or don’t know the person, tell them what’s on your mind.  Or better yet, warn them ahead of time, before they made the mistake.  Even if you have to awkwardly laugh as you walk by a Valentine’s display in good ol’ Statesboro Walmart, make the point of saying, “I never liked giant stuffed animals.  What am I going to do with a six-foot hot pink dolphin?  I’d much rather just have a romantic low-key night…” DO HIM A FAVOR AND DROP HIM A HINT!

Even though this goes against my being…
From a public relations standpoint, if I worked for a company that relied heavily on Valentine’s Day sales, I would focus on targeting suckers who think that girls really want, or need (oops), the 100-sampler chocolate box or the “I love you” teddy bear.  I would make my commercials as lovey-dovey as possible, and trick viewers into thinking that their special someone will fall in love with them if only they buy our Valentine’s Day package.  Offer discounts if multiple items are purchased.  Jack up the prices.  Everyone else does.  But check locally and make sure you’re the lowest price around.  Just know who you’re targeting.  That’s my best advice.

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PR and Social Media

The internet and social media has had a profound impact on the world of PR.  Though there are two sides to every argument, the changes are overall definitely for the better.  PR has transformed into what it is today because of those changes.

Today, anyone can blog, post, or share whatever they choose to.  Everyone has the opportunity to have an online presence, with or without a college degree, specialty, or expertise in the field.

I think it’s great that moms have started “couponing” websites helping thousands of others, and that people have created comedic blogs with hilarious content.  This has all come from the openness and freedom that the internet and social media has offered to people the past decade.

Companies, on the other hand, need to hire PR experts to run and maintain their social media sites.  These experts know how to handle crises, post tactful and truthful comments, and what the public wants and needs to hear from a specific company.  A company, as well as the individual, could be heavily impacted in a negative way if something wrong were to be posted on any one social networking site that represented the company.  With the internet, almost everything is permanent.  If something is posted incorrectly, it can go viral in literally seconds.  There is not much room to screw up!

Overall, the changes have had a positive impact on the PR world and with social media, but there are also more dangers present than ever, and it’s imperative to make sure the right person handles a company’s social network.

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