Social Media News Releases

What is it?

A Social Media News Release (SMNR) is the typical and well-known news release revamped for the world of online media.  It is easily found, can be forwarded, blogged about, commented on, etc.  Essentially, a SMNR is giving a typical news release its very own website and URL address that anyone in the world (with internet access) can access.  SMNRs contain links and tags, making them easy to find with a simple search engine inquiry, and they are designed with the online world in mind.  SMNRs appeal to the new generation who understands the need for change, but they also appeal to traditional journalists as well as bloggers, online communities, and consumers.


There are several advantages of a SMNR that make them so appealing.  For one, like I stated above, they are easily forwarded, commented on, linked, etc.  They are distributed and forwarded via twitter, e-mail, facebook, digg, and any other social networking outlet imaginable.  This makes it very easy to distribute your news release.  Thousands can see it in seconds…something that takes much longer with traditional news releases.  They are easily created, accessible to anyone, and make sending and received news releases much easier.  But accessibility comes with a cost.  Because SMNRs are so easy to make, any one could create one, and send out spam or false news.  SMNRs can be taken advantage of and used for nonethical purposes.


A PR practitioner should consider using a SMNR if they feel like mixing things up a bit or need to provide linkability and easy access.  They’re very different from their traditional parent news release form.  They meet modern journalists’ needs while providing something a little different to their audiences.  SMNRs are great for companies introducing new products or services, announcing big financial or corporate news, and achievements or apologies.  SMNRs can be used for a plethora of topics, and are quickly becoming the “it” thing to do.


The following websites will help you create a Social Media News Release


Here is an example of a SMNR that an organization has created:

Here is a SMNR that I have made:

I created that SMNR to distribute information on Georgia Southern University’s Panhellenic recruitment process (aka RUSH).  It’s specifically about the Zeta Xi chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha in Statesboro, and how female students can sign up for recruitment.  The goal of my SMNR is to attract as many girls as possible.  Recruitment is only successful if there are many girls participating.  The more news coverage and information there is about the process, the more people will hear about it which will boost curiosity and in turn (hopefully) increase registration.  My target audience is any Georgia Southern University female undergraduate students that isn’t already a member of a Panhellenic organization.


Here are a few tips for creating your own SMNR!

  1. Use one of the websites listed above to create a free account and start the simple and guided process of making a SMNR
  2. Use a catchy headline.  People won’t read your release if the title already sounds dull.
  3. Be clear and get to the point.  No one likes to scroll for pages and pages.
  4. Provide all necessary information.  If your SMNR seems incomplete, it will not get forwarded or bookmarked.
  5. Lastly, BE CREATIVE!  Creativity and clarity are key to attracting readers.  The more readers, the higher chance your SMNR has of being forwarded and getting hits!

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