Twitter for a Week

I took Mrs. Groover last spring for Intro. to PR and completed the Twitter for a Week extra credit assignment that class offered…So I had a twitter account before this assignment and I was already familiar with twitter and what we had to do.   I made a twitter in high school and never used it, but since the spring semester, I’ve been an on-again-off-again tweeter.  I definitely knew more about twitter this time around, and how to use it, etc.  It was a lot easier this time around since I actually understood the concept of twitter.  This assignment kind of made me get back into it.  I followed classmates and read PR professionals’ advice about things as well as PR-related articles and other newsworthy stories.

I like that you can follow who you want, so your home page is customized towards you and your interests.  Mrs. Groover recommended that we follow PR professionals, and they definitely have some great advice/things to say that I couldn’t get elsewhere.

Twitter is definitely a valuable tool for public relations people because its a great networking tool and allows people to branch out and try to make contact with others that they’d normally never have the chance to.  It’s different from facebook in the way that I can follow someone and read their posts even though I’d never “friend” them on facebook.  (Peter Shankman, for example)  Twitter also offers free advice and tips to people learning (like me) as well as free publicity for corporations.  It makes it easy to “follow” the latest news with a company, or just find out what’s going on.

I will continue using twitter after this assignment.  After the last assignment, I definitely didn’t abandon twitter completely, but I have not been on it and reading/tweeting as much as I could have to be a more active twitter member.  I kind of forgot how cool and interesting it was.   It’s like a personalized news page just for me, and I find some of the most unique/random things on my home page.  Maybe now I will use it more regularly!

My twitter:!/RachelLeaFloyd




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