My Favorite Movies :)

Top 10 Movies.

  • The Atonement
  • Inside Man
  • Harry Potter I-VIII
  • The Notebook
  • The Blindside
  • Step Brothers
  • Inception
  • Grease
  • Avatar
  • Twilight Series
And yes, that would probably be entirely different list if you asked me in a month, but those are the movies that came to mind right now.  The Atonement will always be on my top ten list.  It’s just such a wonderfully tragic lost-love story that is so sadly realistic.  No fake happy endings and a great story along the way.
I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter.  And as much as I had looked forward to seeing that final movie–I am so sad that it is over.  The eighth and final movie was by far the best in the series.  You’ve truly outdone yourself, Warner Brothers.  It’s been a great ten years.  Step Brothers is the most HILARIOUS movie I have ever seen.  It’s definitely crude man-humor, but it’s a great laugh if that’s what you’re in the mood for.  
Avatar is a great movie–and let me preface by saying I typically DO NOT like the sci-fi/alien/other world kind of thing, and I truly loved this movie and enjoyed every minute of it.  
This summer I have seen too many movies to review (thank you Redbox)  But some of the highlights were Harry Potter, World’s Greatest Dad, Just Go With It, and Hall Pass.  Just Go With It was definitely cute and I would recommend it.  It was a good movie and not too over the top.  World’s Greatest Dad is fantastic.  It’s so different from any movie you’ve ever seen, like it’s not one of those “typical” movies where you can kind of predict what happens.  It stars Robin Williams and I would seriously recommend it for anyone (except children).  There’s no describing it–just watch it.  I didn’t like Hall Pass only because I don’t like “cheating” movies… especially ones that condone it, but it was silly and I’m sure lots of other people would enjoy it.  OK I guess that’s it for now.  I sound like I have no life.  But that’s what happens when you’re stuck in Statesboro for the summer! 🙂

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ggonzalez33
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 07:01:53

    I feel like we are always commenting on each others blogs haha 🙂 but I agree I have weird taste in movies, but I swear I’m not a crazy person I just like thinking about all the different ways and make up artists it takes to create those kinds of movies.
    But I agree with you on Atonement it was excellent! Have you read the book? It is SO GOOD!
    I haven’t heard about the Robin Williams movie so I will have to check that out since I am a big fan of his.


    • rachelleafloyd
      Jul 19, 2011 @ 09:29:32

      we are….because we like to complete them early! you don’t have a weird taste…just a very diverse one! ps speaking of makeup artists…alice in wonderland had INCREDIBLE costume/makeup.
      For real, SEE the Robin Williams movie. It is a different plot than any movie you have seen before and it’s such a different part for Robin Williams. Watch it all the way through! It’s on Netflix I think


  2. winiwe
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 04:07:57

    I love Inception, Blindside, all the Harry Potter’s, Grease, the Notebook, and Avatar. Your list is kind of similar to mine in that they all seem a bit random at first glance, but all of them serve some kind of important message, and several of them have to do with time manipulation and fantasy. It’s funny, because the only one you have on your list that I have on mine is Harry Potter, but your list is almost an alternate to mine. 🙂


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