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End of the Semester

Wow, college really is flying by fast.  Next year is my last year–I will be graduating in May! (hopefully)  This semester has flown by, and really hasn’t been that stressful. (Thank goodness)

Intro. to PR has really been an awesome class.  I feel that I learned a lot, but that it wasn’t too stressful or over-complicated.  No busy work or last minute assignments, and nothing too crazy.  Not all of the group projects worked very well, but those are just lessons learned for future references.  I feel like I took what I needed to out of the class, and that’s all that’s important. 🙂
I’m also in News Reporting & Writing, and while it, too, covers press and news releases, it concentrates more on the journalistic approach.  From these two classes, I have definitely learned that I am an independent worker, and prefer to do things on my own.  Other people are unreliable, late, and usually do not perform to my own standards.  Dealing with disappointment and frustration makes me realize that it’s easier to get things done right, the first time, and on my own.  That may be the biggest thing I’ve learned this semester.

This semester has been my easiest, and a lot of fun as well.  I got an awesome new job last February in marketing, and I’ve already gotten so much out of it.  I quit my crappy bar job, and am getting a lot more sleep as a result 🙂  I made a few new friends, signed a lease on a fantastic new apartment next year, and got two baby ducks 🙂  My boyfriend and I hit the one-year mark, my little sister got into Southern, and I have definitely learned more this semester than I have any other.  I really hope my last year can continue on like this one has!  I have definitely taken the most out of this semester, and learned what exactly I might be doing job wise once I graduate.  It’s a great feeling, and I can’t wait to graduate and (hopefully) get a job!