My comments 2/28

I commented on Amanda Kepshire’s blog:

I think we both had the same ideas! The mall really is the biggest thing to me. Forget about needing to go buy a bathing suit real quick, or going shoe shopping for the birthday party you’re going to that night–you must do all shopping way in advance unless you think you can find all you need in all of the 6 store the Statesboro mall has to offer.
I agree that so far, Statesboro is not able to keep up with the growing population of Georgia Southern. I feel like so many more students would choose to come to school down here if they weren’t so disappointed by the city we’re located in. Maybe in time, that will change and Statesboro will be able to support all of our lifestyles… ;)


I also commented on Carolyn Johnston’s blog:

I would LOVE for there to be a Kroger or Publix here. I have never even heard of Bi-Lo or Harveys…and from the few times I’ve been in either one of them, I can say they’re a little overpriced. Sadly, nothing can compete with Walmart in Statesboro.
I would love Target too. It’s so sad that we have to drive to Savannah to shop. Target actually does have really cute clothes–Walmart I can’t really same the same for. Maybe someday…but you certainly are right in saying that at least we’re taking a definite step in the right direction!


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