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Teen Pregnancy in Hollywood

First off, I don’t think MTV glamorizes teen pregnancy at all.  When I watch shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” all I see are young girls making dumb decisions and getting in trouble.  Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing new episodes, but the teen moms definitely do not seem like they have a glamorous life.  The baby-daddys are usually assholes, the (grand)parents constantly voice their disappointment, and the girls’ plans for school almost always fall through.  To me the message is simple: If you’re 16 and pregnant, your boyfriend will leave you, you won’t finish school, and you’re not going to have a social life ever again.  I don’t see this as glamorous.

And I don’t think all teen pregnancy statistics are being accurately conveyed.  People against the MTV series want to skew the numbers to make it look like the shows have had an impact on teen pregnancy rates in a negative way, when in fact, other articles, claiming the government studies as their data source, say the exact opposite.

“[A]ccording to a new government study that shows the U.S. teen birthrate falling dramatically in 2009 after a five percent increase from 2005 to 2007, experts say [MTV] may have redeemed itself with its gritty “16 and Pregnant” documentary series, which many teens credit with opening their eyes to the consequences of unprotected sex and early parenthood.”–2023

MTV is doing a fine job of un-glamorizing the life of teen moms.  There is never an episode without conflict, or a relationship that ends up working out.  If young girls watch these episodes and envy the lives of the teen moms, they have bigger problems that aren’t going to be fixed by “un-glamorizing” the episodes any more.

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Social Media

Social media has become such a huge part of most people’s lives.  I don’t know anyone that regularly goes a week without checking their e-mail, facebook, twitter, or something else of the sort.  We rely on our social media outlets to communicate, to keep in touch with friends, to learn about the hottest new products and deals available, and just about everything else.

People could go without tv or radio, but ask them to give up their social media outlets?  Never.  The world would panic, and people would not easily adjust to such a change under any normal circumstance.

Being born in 1990, I really grew up on the cusp of the huge technology take over.  So yes, I definitely remember the time before social media.  When I was in elementary (and even middle) school, no one had cell phones.  No one had laptops either.  Now every ten-year-old flaunts around their iPhones and Macbooks.  Granted, I grew up with computers and the technology, but society hadn’t yet made it socially acceptable for fourth graders to own thousands of dollars worth of electronics.

With the huge shift we have made over the past decade, I really don’t think businesses would adjust well to having their social media outlets being taken away.  It may not be a good thing, but everyone, (and I do mean almost everyone) has become so completely reliant on social media, and the technology that puts it at their finger tips.  A world without social media?  I just can’t picture it.

Seize the Day

“Seize the Day.”  What a great life philosophy.  But it can’t possibly happen every day, so what matters most is knowing when it counts, and when it’s important to not miss an opportunity given.

I believe in proactivity.  My college life pretty much revolves around it.  I’m a very forth-coming, proactive, loud and in charge person, so I try to seize every day I can and make the most out of the opportunities I’m given, and forget about the ones I’m not.

In Public Relations, practitioners must seize the day often, because if they don’t, that’s a missed opportunity, and then a disadvantage on their part.  If PR people don’t jump on opportunities, they are often lost–such as the opportunity to redeem yourself during an accident or crisis.  When BP had its oil spill, BP PR had one of two options: either “seize the day” and take their one opportunity to tell the public and make a statement, or not acknowledge the situation at hand and/or put off publicly addressing the issue.

Seizing the day is not always taking advantage of a positive opportunity, sometimes it is jumping on something or not procrastinating, regardless of the tone of the situation.

Regardless of your take on life, I strongly believe in proactivity, and not being lazy or procrastinating.  You can’t get anywhere in life if you don’t take opportunities given, and what a boring and unfulfilled life that would be.  As Robin Williams said, “Carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

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I think we both had the same ideas! The mall really is the biggest thing to me. Forget about needing to go buy a bathing suit real quick, or going shoe shopping for the birthday party you’re going to that night–you must do all shopping way in advance unless you think you can find all you need in all of the 6 store the Statesboro mall has to offer.
I agree that so far, Statesboro is not able to keep up with the growing population of Georgia Southern. I feel like so many more students would choose to come to school down here if they weren’t so disappointed by the city we’re located in. Maybe in time, that will change and Statesboro will be able to support all of our lifestyles… ;)


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I would LOVE for there to be a Kroger or Publix here. I have never even heard of Bi-Lo or Harveys…and from the few times I’ve been in either one of them, I can say they’re a little overpriced. Sadly, nothing can compete with Walmart in Statesboro.
I would love Target too. It’s so sad that we have to drive to Savannah to shop. Target actually does have really cute clothes–Walmart I can’t really same the same for. Maybe someday…but you certainly are right in saying that at least we’re taking a definite step in the right direction!