My comments 2/14

I commented on Kayle McGlashan’s blog:

My boyfriend is obsessed with his too–maybe it’s a guy thing?

I’ve played on them too, and they’re a ton of fun, but I don’t see ever replacing my macbook with an iPad.

I’m on the same page as you though…If I had the money, I would think about getting one. They’re a ton of fun and super convenient, but they’re very pricey! Especially the new 3G ones.

I didn’t know you could attach a keyboard? That’s pretty cool. I’ve always just used the on-screen one, but an attachment sounds a lot easier to use. Either way, iPads and all of the things you’ll want to buy with them are quite expensive…Good thing we can just play on our boyfriends’ for now. :)


I also comment on Erin Vines’ blog:

I agree with you–There are still a lot of cons to owning an iPad instead of a laptop…But if you’ve got the money for both, I’m sure an iPad would be nice to have. My boyfriend takes his to class and it has completely replaced his binders/books/notebooks. He loves it.

I am also wondering why Apple would choose to debut such a luxury item during a time when most people don’t have the extra money to drop on something so unnecessary, but whatever their reasoning, they seem to be doing well enough in sales. Price is the biggest barrier for most people that want an iPad. They carry a hefty price tag, and don’t offer everything most people want. My boyfriend won his, so he’s the first to talk about how great they are, but if you’re shelling out $499-$829, I think you’d expect a little more than what you’re getting.

After all is said and done, I too want one once price goes down. There is just something very appealing about the size and convenience about them!


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