My comments 2/7

I commented on Carrie Pulliam’s blog:

First, I applaud you on your grammar usage! (One of my pet peeves :p)
And second–I too, HATE it when people put their feet up on the basket under your chair and shake their legs. It is SO frustrating. I have actually turned around and looked at the person before, and I’m pretty sure they got the hint because it stopped after that. (or at least for the remainder of the day…)
Great choices :)


I also commented on Ryan Matherly’s blog:

It does bug me when people walk slowly, especially right down the middle of the sidewalk, where you have to walk in the grass or stay stuck behind them until they inevitably stop to do something else slowly.
People drive me crazy when they’re driving slowly in the slow lane…(acceptable) but then someone else is driving equally slow in the fast lane(s) and you’re stuck behind all of them!
I agree. When I am going somewhere, I am on a mission. I do not have time to be stuck behind people taking they’re sweet time.


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