Statesboro Businesses

What a great topic of the week!  Just this weekend I had to drive to Savannah to go to a Sprint PCS store so they could do something to my account/phone.  It’s annoying that I have to make an entire day out of something that would normally just be a twenty-minute errand.  I would probably say that everyday I wish a certain business were in town/closer to Statesboro.

The first business I would ask to build a branch here is BANK OF AMERICA.  Come on.  There are about 10,000 students who bank with them, and the little ATM inside of Russell that always has an hour long line is just not cutting it.

More restaurants would also be good.  I’m from an Atlanta suburb, and having my options change from 1,000+ to less than 10 was quite a downgrade.  I do, however, applaud Statesboro on its recent additions!  We have to start somewhere, I suppose.

We are definitely in need of a mall (or an huge expansion to our existing one–and no, the Belk addition doesn’t count.)  There are 20,000 students at Georgia Southern, so there is definitely a huge target audience that most stores could market to.  It would be such a great investment to add some new businesses/stores!  The mall we have is terrible.  We have to drive to Savannah if we ever really need anything that can’t be bought at Walmart.

And speaking of Walmart, we need a Target.  Our Walmart is so poorly stocked and even if it was nice, it still couldn’t rival Target.

I really just want to see Statesboro grow into the big(ger) city that I know it will be one day.  With Georgia Southern growing as rapidly as it has been, I think more businesses will opt to build a new location down here, or at least somewhere closer than Savannah.


My comments 2/21

I commented on Ryan Matherly’s blog:

Lil’ WAYNE!! What an awesome answer…He would certainly be entertaining. And now that he’s out of jail, I guess he’d be free to come! Over all, very good choices! I would consider inviting all of those to my party except Michael Jordan. (And that’s only because I’m not into sports) John Mayer is an excellent musician, and Abe Lincoln would definitely be full of lots of interesting answers to very tough questions!
Sounds like a great dinner party.


I also comment on Carolyn Johnston’s blog:

It’s great to be with the people who mean the most to you :) We both chose to invite people we know and are close to to our parties–good choice! I would love to have all of my friends…It’s nice to catch up with people. It’s so easy to fall apart when everyone leaves for their own respective colleges and splits up.
It’s sounds like you’d have a really good time at your party!

My Dinner Party

Honestly, this may be the most boring answer, but I would invite my boyfriend and family to my table.  They’re the people I enjoy talking to the most, and I’m not big on the whole celebrity thing.  I love my family, and don’t see them much, so that would be a really great dinner party to get to see them and have my boyfriend there too 🙂  I would talk to them about what all has been going on since I left and check up on everyone.  It would just be really nice for everyone to have nothing to do but talk to each other.

I would invite all my extended family to the party too.  Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  I am an air force brat, so I live very far from my family, and it’d be great to have everyone in the same room at the same time.  It’s never been done before :p

The point of my dinner party would just be to catch up with my family and have everyone in one place for us all just to be together.  The menu would have absolutely everything on it, to satisfy everyone.  No fried food, though.  My family is not a fan 😉  (Sorry, Statesboro)

Entertainment….hmm…This is a tricky one because of all the different types of people that would be at my dinner party.  Maybe a comedy act?  Everybody enjoys those right?

My dinner party sounds pretty lame, and it may be to most people; but I would LOVE to get to see all of my family! 🙂

My comments 2/14

I commented on Kayle McGlashan’s blog:

My boyfriend is obsessed with his too–maybe it’s a guy thing?

I’ve played on them too, and they’re a ton of fun, but I don’t see ever replacing my macbook with an iPad.

I’m on the same page as you though…If I had the money, I would think about getting one. They’re a ton of fun and super convenient, but they’re very pricey! Especially the new 3G ones.

I didn’t know you could attach a keyboard? That’s pretty cool. I’ve always just used the on-screen one, but an attachment sounds a lot easier to use. Either way, iPads and all of the things you’ll want to buy with them are quite expensive…Good thing we can just play on our boyfriends’ for now. :)


I also comment on Erin Vines’ blog:

I agree with you–There are still a lot of cons to owning an iPad instead of a laptop…But if you’ve got the money for both, I’m sure an iPad would be nice to have. My boyfriend takes his to class and it has completely replaced his binders/books/notebooks. He loves it.

I am also wondering why Apple would choose to debut such a luxury item during a time when most people don’t have the extra money to drop on something so unnecessary, but whatever their reasoning, they seem to be doing well enough in sales. Price is the biggest barrier for most people that want an iPad. They carry a hefty price tag, and don’t offer everything most people want. My boyfriend won his, so he’s the first to talk about how great they are, but if you’re shelling out $499-$829, I think you’d expect a little more than what you’re getting.

After all is said and done, I too want one once price goes down. There is just something very appealing about the size and convenience about them!

iPads…and one that cost $11

I’ve got a great story to start this post off with…

Over Christmas break, my boyfriend and I were in a mall the day after his birthday making some returns, and we saw this game with very enticing prizes–one of them being an iPad.  He decided he was going to win it, and $11 later, he won the iPad hanging inside of the machine!

Steven won his iPad out of the game!

He originally wanted to sell it on ebay, but ended up keeping it and is IN LOVE with it.  Now he didn’t pay the steep price Apple asks, so of course he enjoys his even more.  The question is: Is the iPad worth $499-$829?

The only cons we’ve found is that it can’t play a cd rom or take a flash drive, but it is extremely light weight and compact, requires no software purchases/upgrades, and you can download any application imaginable for a fraction of the cost of similar Windows programs.  Not to mention–the battery life seems to go on forever, lasting almost an entire week sometimes.

He takes it to class and takes all of his notes on it (tablet style) and has downloaded many engineering applications that he seems to enjoy.  (I wouldn’t know what to do with them)  I wouldn’t say it’s a laptop replacement, because you can’t compose Microsoft word documents, print from it, or edit files.  (Though you CAN open any file and view it as a PDF.)  I think in the future, Apple may create a more “laptop-like” iPad, but for now, it’s definitely not an adequate replacement.

Though if you have the money for one, they’re quite fun and you’d be surprised at how often you end up using it for things you’d never even thought of.  It’s one of those products you don’t realize you need until you’ve experienced everything you can do with it; then you wonder how you ever got along before you had the iPad!

My comments 2/7

I commented on Carrie Pulliam’s blog:

First, I applaud you on your grammar usage! (One of my pet peeves :p)
And second–I too, HATE it when people put their feet up on the basket under your chair and shake their legs. It is SO frustrating. I have actually turned around and looked at the person before, and I’m pretty sure they got the hint because it stopped after that. (or at least for the remainder of the day…)
Great choices :)


I also commented on Ryan Matherly’s blog:

It does bug me when people walk slowly, especially right down the middle of the sidewalk, where you have to walk in the grass or stay stuck behind them until they inevitably stop to do something else slowly.
People drive me crazy when they’re driving slowly in the slow lane…(acceptable) but then someone else is driving equally slow in the fast lane(s) and you’re stuck behind all of them!
I agree. When I am going somewhere, I am on a mission. I do not have time to be stuck behind people taking they’re sweet time.

Pet Peeves!

Oh, pet peeves.  I am easily annoyed, so I sure do have a lot of them.

The first one that comes to mind–boys (or girls, but especially boys) who wear flip-flops and/or shorts, when it’s clearly WINTER.  Maybe because their feet are always wet/icy, blue, and DIRTY.  I don’t know why, but it really grosses me out to the point that I can’t even find a guy attractive if he falls into that summer-all-year-round category.  Ew.

My absolute BIGGEST pet peeve is people who do not know how to write/speak/use proper grammar.  If you’re in college, you should be able to differentiate and correctly use: there/their/they’re, your/you’re, it’s/its, to/two/too, etc.  Come on, it’s not that hard and it makes you look a lot less ignorant when you’re turning in a paper or resume.

Also, maybe it’s just the south, but what is it with double negatives??? Again, you’re in college.  It’s not okay to say, “There wasn’t no one at the door!” or “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”  For real, it doesn’t even make sense and it’s not cute.

And while we’re on the subject,

  • The contraction “y’all” has the apostrophe BEFORE the ‘a’ not after.  The way a contraction works is by replacing the missing letters with an apostrophe.  (you + all –> y(ou)’all –> y’all.
  • The word ‘ask’ is actually pronounced, ‘ask’ not ‘ax’ or ‘aks,’ okay, guys?
  • And the phrase is, “I couldn’t care less.”  NOT “I could care less.”  If you could care less, then you obviously care at least a little right now, which probably defeats the intent behind the statement you’re making.


So, basically I’m a grammar freak.  I have a lot of respect for people who are good speakers/writers.  I may come across as too uptight, but incorrect spelling/grammar/etc. is my BIGGEST pet peeve ever!