My comments 1/24

I commented on Amanda Kep’s blog:

Your post made me laugh! I chose flying, though you made a really good argument against it! Teleportation would be really neat, and I’ve thought too many times about how easy it would be to just “zap” home and skip the 4 hour drive. It would be really cool to be able to travel around the country to easily, and have the option of having lunch in Rome, etc. This is a great idea!


I also commented on Gianna Carme’s blog:

Telepathy is really neat! You could be the most valuable CIA agent in the world, and help so many people in countless different ways! You could always have confidence, knowing exactly what the situation is and what everyone is thinking, and you would also have the upper hand in every situation. Neat choice, Gianna! I wonder if there are any downfalls to telepathy?


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